Hi there, welcome to the Join Us Community!

  • 23 June 2022
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Hi there, welcome to the Join Us Community!
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If you are reading this, you have taken an important step in your search for new contacts. Loneliness doesn't take language into account. That’s why we try to make the Join Us Community accessible to those who speak English. Or rather… writers and readers. So here's some information about our community and some tricks that might come in handy.

Automatic translation through your browser

First and possibly most important of all: this is a Dutch community. Most of the members write in Dutch, think in Dutch and dream in Dutch, so you might need some help translating all those weird looking words. That's why translation tools were invented. It's true… they've been specifically invented to help you join our community (actually, don’t Google that 😉).

Most modern browsers have a translation tool built in. We have spared no expense to find three for you. Click on your favorite browser to directly go to the help page, where they explain how to enable the automatic translation tool.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Safari (macOS)

Don't be afraid to write in English

There are some rules on the community and one of them is what languages we accept. To keep the community accessible for those living in the Netherlands, we accept Dutch and English. Don't be afraid to start an English topic or respond to a Dutch topic in English. Most members will switch to English when you do so. And if not, you have your magic browser translating everything.

Help members helping you

As a non-Dutch speaker on the community, it might be handy to customize your signature via settings. You can add a message to let other members know they can respond in their own language, or if you prefer an answer in English. Here is an example, but you might want to create your own message.

Ik schrijf in het Engels omdat ik geen Nederlands spreek. Je mag gerust in het Nederlands reageren, mijn browser heeft een automatische vertaalfunctie naar het Engels.

- - -

Please notice I write in English because I don't speak Dutch. You may respond in Dutch, my browser translates your response into English.

Have you already enabled automatic translation? This message might be translated as well. Try disabling it for a minute, so you can copy and paste the message.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions about the community, we recommend starting a topic or reacting on this topic. There are loads of people who will be glad to help you. Feel welcome and have fun!

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Welcome to Join Us! 😊 I hope this topic will help you on your way to our fantastic community! 👍 

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Hii, if any non-Dutch speakers are reading this, feel free to just message me in English. At this point, I’m thinking more in English than I do in Dutch, so it's really no problem for me :) 


I'm new here still figuring out what is it 🥲

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@Rafael Can I help you?